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Why do I need a lawyer?
You need an experienced attorney who knows the law, will protect you and watch your back. We live in a litigious society and it is wise to have a good lawyer close by to avoid any surprises. He can provide good advice and judgment, spot potential risks, and negotiate on your behalf.

Why can’t I use an on-line legal service?
That’s possible but remember you get what you pay for. Clerky or LegalZoom are not law firms but provide legal forms and will refer you to one of their attorneys. They aren’t able to tailor their services to you’re particular situation.

How much will it cost to retain your services?
That would depend on the type of case. In some cases, a flat fee or a contingency fee would be appropriate and in some cases an hourly rate would be appropriate. When we initially discuss your project, we can make a determination on which billing method should be used. In any case, you will get our maximum effort for a reasonable fee.

What if I have a question during the case?
We always want to be transparent and help you with your questions. Simply call the office and a legal assistant will be happy to help or, for a more complicated answer, an attorney will call you back. We will always let you know when something happens regarding your case and we will give you enough advanced notice when you have to be at our office or in court.