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Family & Divorce Law

Family relationships are some of the most personal and lasting. They can last a lifetime without conflict but, sometimes, domestic issues cannot be resolved in the home. Family law can seek to restore order and offer a fair and compassionate solution for everyone involved.

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Bankruptcy Law

Corporate clients have different goals from business creation to sustaining long-term growth. No two clients are alike so our one-on-one approach can help each attain their goals by analyzing the relevant factors and rendering solid legal advice.

Tombari Law Group

Real Estate Law

It does not matter if you are a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant or if you are dealing with commercial or residential property. We have years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of both federal, state and local legislation and are ready to offer clear advice on what can be a complex legal matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need an experienced attorney who knows the law, will protect you and watch your back. We live in a litigious society and it is wise to have a good lawyer close by to avoid any surprises. He can provide good advice and judgment, spot potential risks, and negotiate on your behalf.

That’s possible but remember you get what you pay for. Clerky or LegalZoom are not law firms but provide legal forms and will refer you to one of their attorneys. They aren’t able to tailor their services to you’re particular situation.

That would depend on the type of case. In some cases, a flat fee or a contingency fee would be appropriate and in some cases an hourly rate would be appropriate. When we initially discuss your project, we can make a determination on which billing method should be used. In any case, you will get our maximum effort for a reasonable fee.

We always want to be transparent and help you with your questions. Simply call the office and a legal assistant will be happy to help or, for a more complicated answer, an attorney will call you back. We will always let you know when something happens regarding your case and we will give you enough advanced notice when you have to be at our office or in court.


The following are some comments from our clients.

Tombari Law Group
Great service, great results, every time!

Tombari law group has handled all of my family’s business and personal legal needs for over 15 years and I couldn't be happier with Bob Tombari's service, professionalism and results. I have recommended Tombari law group to many family and friends with 100% confidence they would get the same quality work the I have enjoyed. If you’re looking for integrity, service and results … look no further.
- Rich C. 6/26/2014

Tombari Law Group
If the Need Does Arise

I am hoping that I will never have to go through the year that I have spent in legal ever again! For the saying "Those who do not study history are bound to repeat it again." Famous for not learning my lesson the first time, I will always remember the care and effort that Attorney Tombari did in my cases. If the need ever arises and I have to utilize Attorney Tombari’s services again, I will be on his office steps waiting for him. In the year of hell the one solid person I could trust to be in my corner was Attorney Tombari. His effort to cut hours, time and emotional pain was, for the lack of better words, professional, caring, trustworthy, and overall a great person who came into my life, in such troubled times.
-Chris T. 5/13/2014

Tombari Law Group
Closing 20 Scarlet

- Jim O. 5/9/2014